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Creme de les Femmes Founding MembersEstablished in December of 2008, Creme de les Femmes is Indy’s second longest performing burlesque troupe. Founded by Lilith Centfranc, godmother of Indianapolis burlesque; Lady Lenore Evermore, also original burlesque performer; Jezebel Sinfell, still performing today; Ophelia Plenty; Vera Verboten; and Anastasia Euphoria. Crème de les Femmes was also instrumental in establishing Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Indianapolis branch.

Creme de les Femmes has performed all over the city, from the grand stage at the Athenaeum, to the Legends Lounge at Talbott Street, to the punk rock staple of the Melody Inn and Birdy’s. You can most frequently see Creme de les Femmes at Indy’s Jukebox.
Crème de les Femmes is currently headed by Hard Mona, Veronica Belvedere and Jezebel Sinfell. The three have been working together since 2011 to produce some of the most creative shows Indianapolis burlesque has to offer! Including annual Nerdy Flirty Burlesque: A Gen Con Tribute, Hooray for Hollywood, Tim Burton Burlesque and more.
Creme de les Femmes has grown over the years, both in troupe members and community involvement. Creme de les Femmes participated twice in a fundraiser for the Rivoli Theater renovation. They have also incorporated food donation for the Julian Center with shows and look forward to giving back to community even more.

Voted one of the top Indianapolis burlesque troupes by Nuvo readers, Creme de les Femmes puts on a tantalizing show that’s sure to please! Founded in December of 2008, Creme de les Femmes has cultivated a burlesque troupe of the finest performers the city has to offer. With backgrounds in theatre, dance, comedy, modeling, art, and music, each member brings a unique sense of style to the stage that can’t be found anywhere else. From classic burlesque to modern themes, you’ll be sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. After a night of exquisite costumes and enchanting choreography, the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Creme de les Femmes will leave you laughing and cheering for more!
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Since 2008, Creme de les Femmes has cultivated a troupe with a love for theatre, dance, comedy, and music, making their shows a one-of-a-kind mix of tease and awe.Creme de les Femmes performs Burlesque in Indianapolis and surrounding areas regularly! See our upcoming events:
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Love Indianapolis burlesque? So does Creme de les Femmes! We’re always looking for ways to bring fans and performers together! Whether you’re looking to put together a show out of state, a member of another troupe looking to guest perform, or just interested in seeing a show – we want to hear from you!

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