Darling Dollie Indy Burlesque Performer
Darling Dollie
Member Since: 2012
Tagline: “Best Ass in Indy!”

Ms. Darling Dollie is full of frolic and folly, for she frequently injures herself in practice or during a show, though you would never know! Debuting in April 2012 she joined Creme de les Femmes shortly after, and has been with them since. As a performer she is known for her silly and quirky routines, from playing a schizophrenic tweedle dee/tweedle dum, having a crush on John Stamos, lighting her boobs on fire as a Fem Bot, portraying James Bond and many more! Her troupe members consider her an “ass”et because of the energy she brings to the stage as well as….. okay we’ll just say it her derriere! For they have lovingly deemed Darling Dollie the Best Ass in Indy.