Fanny Fahrenheit Indianapolis Burlesque
Fanny Fahrenheit
Member Since: 2015

She’ll make your mercury rise!

Fanny Fahrenheit has always thought of herself as the lovechild of Dolly Parton, Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie. In fact, her name is an ode to Freddie himself. While Fanny has always had a love of all things colorful and sparkly, this love was solidified while working at a drag bar in Indy several years ago. She has been stage kittening with the Cremes (as well as moonlighting with other troupes and shows) since 2013. She made her stage debut in a group routine in 2015, and she will be making her solo debut with the Cremes this year. Fanny is looking forward to showing Indy what she’s got!

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