Member Since: 2012
Tagline: “The Strawberry Vixen”

Miss Holly Hock began performing burlesque in Indianapolis in 2012. She experimented with a variety of performance styles with a number of local troupes. The greater Indy burlesque scene (and the nearly 10 troupes in all of Indiana) helped Holly craft her style – classic burlesque fused with modern sensibility. The fast friendships with Creme de les Femmes members, their equal enthusiasm for empowerment and silliness, and the raw talent of all members set them apart as the troupe for her. Creme de les Femmes extended an invitation to become a full-time member in 2012 and Holly would become an official Indianapolis burlesque dancer.

Though she now lives in Detroit, Michigan, Holly continues to commute to Indianapolis to perform on a regular basis with Creme.

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