Member Since: 2008

Jezebel Sinfell has been an Indianapolis-based burlesque performer since 2006. Jezebel has always had a tendency to go for the more subversive side of sexy. Learning sideshow tricks from Super Secret Sideshow, Jezebel took the stage first wrapped in a straight jacket. She’s been escaping from jackets and bras and dresses even since.

In the winter of 2008, Jezebel, along with a handful of feisty females started Creme de les Femmes.

Inspired by fellow sideshow performers, old horror films, Tim Burton movies, drag queen Sharon Needles. You are just as likely to find Jezebel covered in fake blood as in glitter. Some of her most loved acts are her zombie strip, sexy Slytherin, the adult version of ”Little Miss Sunshine”, dancing on broken glass and laying across her bed of nails.
Jezebel has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Johnny Porkpie and Clams Casino from NYC, Vivian Mirann from New Mexico, Red Hot Annie from Chicago, Donna Touch from Chicago, and among others.

When not on stage, Jezebel loves a delicious cocktail, preferably of the vodka variety, snuggling with kitties, watching zombie movies and listening to NPR podcasts.

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