Poppi Rocketts Indianapolis Burlesque Performer
Poppi Rocketts
Member Since: 2013

She’s bubble gum and pink chiffon. She’s corsets and crinolines and apple pie with a dash of June Cleaver and two parts Marilyn Monroe. She’s got the friendliest smile in the Midwest and set of gams that reach all the way up to her “class.” She will light your fuse, knock you back in your seat, and send you straight into orbit, hold on tight; it’s Poppi Rocketts!

Poppi Rocketts began her career as an independent performer, participating in events with various troupes around Indiana until she joyfully became a member of the Crème de les Femmes in 2013. In the past, Poppi has performed at renowned events like the annual U.S. Oh My! Tribute to the troops. Ms. Rocketts continues to mix classic burlesque with a bit of suggestive whimsy, leaving her admirers feeling nostalgic for a place reserved for the fanciest of daydreams.

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