Veronica Belvedere Indy Burlesque Performer
Veronica Belvedere
Member Since: 2011

Raised to be prim and proper by her family, Veronica Belvedere was given lessons in ballet, ballroom dance, flute, piano, Spanish, and French in addition to her core studies. After finishing her degree at a top university and moving to the suburbs, she couldn’t help but feel as though something was missing from her life. When Veronica saw her first burlesque show in 2010, she knew she had found what she was looking for. In January of 2011, Veronica chopped off a foot of her hair, packed her bags, and moved to the big and scary downtown Indianapolis to shimmy and shake with the other burlesque dancers of Creme de les Femmes.

As the producer of Creme de les Femmes, Veronica Belvedere stays busy organizing shows and events, choreographing solo and group routines, promoting shows, booking guest performers, and handling whatever comes out of left field that is less than sparkly. Staying true to her roots, Veronica’s performances are typically very elegant and classy. Intrigued by burlesque’s rich history, she often incorporates classic themes into her routines. Her most well-known acts incorporate strong and sexy female icons—Lara Croft, Princess Leia, the Corpse Bride, Zatanna, and Veruca Salt. Although most of her shows are at Indy’s Jukebox, she has collaborated with other local troupes and has performed at the Athenaeum, Birdy’s, the White Rabbit Cabaret, the Melody Inn, El Meson, the Jazz Kitchen, Morty’s, and Crackers.

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